Big Degenerate Art Ensemble Show in Seattle 

Unit Circle Artists, Degenerate Art Ensemble are playing their biggest show ever on March 19th in Seattle 

DEGENERATE ART ORCHESTRA - a special 45 piece orchestral event!!!!!!
Saturday March 19, 2005 8pm ONE NIGHT ONLY!!!!!
Tix: $10-$15
BY PHONE: (206)292-2787

In the first concert of its kind, Degenerate Art Ensemble has assembled a
powerful roster of some of Seattle's most creative and innovative musical
minds to create new works for a 45 piece orchestra made up of Seattle's
finest adventurous classical and improvising musicians. The concert will
feature 10 new orchestral works including four multi-media works; Eyvind
Kang's new work for solo vocalist and orchestra (Jessika Kenney - trained in
the musics of Indonesia and India), Ben McAllister's suite for orchestra and
new silent film by William Weiss, Joshua Kohl's score to accompany a solo
dance by DAE's own butoh visionary Haruko Nishimura ("a master" -San
Francisco Weekly) and a new interactive work that breaks down the walls
between audience, composer and orchestra by Seattle School (the makers of
Iron Composer).

One night of innovation for full orchestra by 10 of Seattle's hottest
musical minds- 40 piece orchestra, 11 Seattle Composers, 1 Dancer, 1 silent
film, 3 guest vocalists, 1 trumpet soloist, 1 theatrical work for orchestra

Eyvind Kang (Tzadik Records) - with guest vocalist Jessika Kenny Lori
Goldston (Black Cat Orchestra, David Byrne,
Seattle School (the makers of Iron Composer) Timothy Young and Paul Moore
(Psychodelic Rock Orchestra, Very Special Forces) Joshua Kohl (Degenerate
Art Ensemble) - featuring a solo dance by Haruko Nishimura Jherek Bischoff
(Degenerate Art Ensemble/Dead Science)
- w/ guest vocalist Dawn McCarthy
Sam Mickens (Degenerate Art Ensemble/Dead Science) Ben McAllister
(Degenerate Art Ensemble/Baby) - featuring a new silent film Ian Rashkin
(Degenerate Art Ensemble/Baby) Tom Swafford (Meisce, Sound of the

'They entranced the audience... the secret of their show is perfect drama,
gradation and splendid visuals, and a punk-symphonic-garage-big-band style.
Dynamic upheavals were turning into relaxing passages and everything was
falling into place like wheels in a postmodernist clock machine."
-Svet Jine Huby Magazine (Prague, Czech Republic)

new works for 45 piece orchestra by:
Jherek Bischoff
Lori Goldston
Eyvind Kang
Joshua Kohl
Ben McAllister
Sam Mickens
Ian Rashkin
Seattle School
Tom Swafford
Timothy Young & Paul Moore

Saturday March 19th, 2005 8pm
Tickets $10-$15

This exciting project is being presented by Seattle Theater Group and funded
in part by the Aaron Copland Fund, 4Culture and the Seattle Office of Arts
and Cultural Affairs.


"…their art is a violently beautiful, passionate world where things
don't have a 'nice day', but are either dying or coming to life, screaming
or absolutely silent."
-The Stranger (Seattle)

“"This music & movement ensemble create work outside of all music and
dance conventions...telling a surreal story filled with sweetness, power and
The unexpected is accomplished and a mysterious mythology emerges."
-- Berliner Morgenpost, (Berlin, Germany)

"(DAE choreographer Haruko Nishimura) is able to create breathtakingly
powerful images using the sparest movement style."
-Seattle Post Intelligencer

"(DAE) works to create and perform a living form of music… one derived
from jazz, punk, blues, post modern influences… (to) reflect what
music is in today's society - a new, and developing thing."
-Swing Magazine (New York)

"Lines between classical, jazz, world music, and hard rock aesthetics are
obliterated in (DAE's) eloquently executed, high energy repertoire."
-SF Weekly (San Francisco)

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