The disparity between George Bush and Alan Greenspan's assessments of the economy

should make every American who voted for W feel like an idiot.

Alan Greenspan says that the economy is doing pretty good at the moment, especially considering the blows from this Hurricane season. However, he looks at the deficit, America's aging citizens and our debt which is being shouldered by foreign countries and he says "we need to do something about this." George Bush says that the economy is doing wonderfully and that is thanks to his plan of deficit spending and tax cuts which are producing the crazy debt. He makes no mention of the future because he doesn't think about the future, he doesn't give a damn about it. That is the next guys job. He is a dorkus who is condemning the American people and the American way of life to decades of ruin to pay for his excesses. If I were reasonably young (which I am), I'd be making plans to get off this sinking ship and find a place where I won't be paying off Reagan and G.W.B.'s get rich quick schemes until I die.

Posted: Sun - December 4, 2005 at 10:28 AM           |