Follow the bouncing ball

If you connect the dots between the various Bush Administrations failures, you can see the pattern emerge...

Hurricane Katrina showed how devastatingly out of touch and how slow to action George Bush is, right? Maybe you'll get this realization if you've never seen the timeline for President Bush on 9/11. Just as Bush waited days before doing a flyby over what was left of New Orleans, he entered the classroom after the first tower had been hit. Hundreds of people had just died in a major catastrophe in a major American city (it may not have been clear that we were under attack at that point) and the President ignores this to sit down and read to children. It wasn't until several minutes after the second tower was hit that he stood up to leave the room and only when his staff basically hauled him out. If there was ever any doubt to the lack of engagement of this president, 9/11 should have made it clear. The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina just showed that the man still hadn't learned the lesson that he should actually care about the American people instead of just using their deaths to further his own agenda.

Similarly, if you remember the flap around Armstrong Williams and the Bush administration planting false news reports and paying for favorable editorials in American media, the fact that we were doing the same in Iraq shouldn't surprise anyone.

What surprises me these days isn't the fact that our President continues to violate American law and the trust of the American people but that anyone is surprised about it anymore.

Posted: Sun - December 11, 2005 at 11:27 AM           |