hey, remember these things?

mission accomplished, my ass

The administration receiving many "F"s and "D"s from the 9-11 commission this week reminded me of a couple of other things that seem to have slipped out of the American memory banks. Hey, remember Osama Bin Laden? Remember how he was public enemy #1 after 9/11? Remember how we were going to "smoke him out of his hole"? Yeah, that never happened.

Remember how after Hurricane Katrina George Bush promised that we were going to rebuild New Orleans and the government was going to launch new initiatives to help the poor? Well, with the new rounds of tax and budget cuts, the war on Poverty has turned back into the war on the poor that had been going on since 2000.

A few predictions:
1) Congress will start withdrawing troops out of Iraq next year so that Republicans can hold on to their majority in the elections.
2) In 2008, we still will not have captured Osama Bin Laden. If we have pulled out of Iraq, it will be in full-on-civil war, or if we haven't, we will still have our soldiers attacked daily.
3) Also in 2008, in New Orleans: The French Quarter, Garden District and downtown will be 100% back to where they were. In the poor outlying districts, away from the tourists, nothing will have changed since Katrina and the levees will still be inadequate.

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