Question: How stupid does George Bush think we are?

Answer: very

Iraq is a quagmire without end and some American troops are losing their cool. Gas prices are raising the costs of goods in the stores and are making it harder for lower-income Americans to make ends meet. The earth is warming and the seas are rising. We dodged a bullet this year on the Avian Flu, but it is still going and may hit us next year. North Korea is building a nuclear stockpile. According to George Bush, social security is in Crisis.

What is our president doing about these important issues of the day? Absolutely nothing.

Instead the "uniter not divider", the "compassionate conservative" is throwing old conservative saws at the country in a lame and obvious attempt to raise his poll numbers and keep a republican majority in congress: English as the national language; an Anti-flag burning amendment; and a gay marriage ban amendment. The purposes of these moves is so blatant as such that only the stupidest Americans should be fooled. This kind of crap should be driving his poll numbers further down.

One hopes that Americans have learned to see this kind of crap.

Posted: Tue - June 6, 2006 at 09:07 PM           |