Solo Releases

Fatal Blow 1988, Cassette, Charnel Music
Abyss 1989, Cassette, Charnel Music
The Beaten Track 1989, Cassette, Charnel Music
Purity 1990, Cassette, Charnel Music
Mesmerism 1990, Cassette, Charnel Music
Automatism 1991, CD, Charnel Music
Guitar Noise EP 1993, 7" single, Charnel Music
Unyielding Firmament 1993, Cassette, Sounds for Consciousness Rape, France
Audiography 1993, CD, Staalplaat, Netherlands
Emergence of Buried Truths 1993, Cassette, Obuh Tapes, Poland
Notre-Dame de L'oubli 1994, 7" single, Fourth Dimension Records, U.K.
Contents Under Pressure 1994, CD, Flying Esophagus Productions
Augury forthcoming, CD

Compilation Appearances and Collaborations

Illusions of Shameless Abundance 1990, Cassette, Charnel Music -
soundtrack for performance by Survival Research Laboratories
"Without Provocation" Complication Compilation, 1990 (Suitcase Recordings; cassette)
"Film at Eleven" Arrhythmia, 1990 (Charnel Music; CD)
"Under Construction" Auricular Cassette Magazine No. 3, 1991 (Auricular Records; cassette)
"Delerium" Altered States of Consciousness, 1991 (U.P.D. Org, Japan; CD)
"Yearning Like a God in Pain" 4x4, 1991 (Ladd-Frith; CD)
"A Celebrated Occasion" Wakened by Silence, 1991 (Charnel Music; cassette)
Live at the Starlight Furniture Co. 1992, 7" single, Charnel Music - with Hijokaidan and Allegory Chapel Ltd
"Siege" Must Be Musique I, 1992 (Dark Vinyl; LP/CD)
"Evidence of Danger" Must Be Musique I, 1992 (Dark Vinyl; only on CD edition)
"All the Myriad Ways" Dry Lungs 5, 1992 (Subterranean Records; CD)
"Reversal of Fortune" Drudge 2, 1992 (Drudge Magazine; cassette)
"Monk on Fire" Drudge 2, 1992 (Drudge Magazine; cassette)
"All thy Bones With Beauty Clad" Dust Claims Dust, 1992 (Hyde Recordings; cassette)
"Ennui" Must Be Musique 2, 1993 (Dark Vinyl; CD)
"The Other Side of Silence" Of Sound Mind, 1993 (Godsend Productions; cassette)
"Rain in Hind" Of Sound Mind, 1993 (Godsend Productions; cassette)
Audio Image Assault 1993, Cassette, G.R.O.S.S. Tapes (Japan) - with Macronympha
"Seismic Disturbance" Noise War, 1994 (Mother Savage, cassette)
"Lowell is Alive and Dead" accidents have no holidays, 1994 (Povertech Industries, cassette)
"Vicious Circle" USENET mind/body, 1994 (Atomic Novelties, CD)
"Oh See Can You Say" 1-800-AMERICA, 1994 (RRRecords, cassette)
In the Land of Lullabye 1994, CD, Charnel Music/Vanilla (Japan) -
by Torture Chorus with Trance and Allegory Chapel Ltd providing music


Media Sickness 1990, C60, Charnel Music
Fear Rationalized 1991, C60 unreleased


Split LP w/ Macronympha, 1992, LP, SSS/RRR


Auricular #6, 1991 C60, Auricular
Subterfuge 7", 1992, 7", SSS/RRR
Drudge Cassette, 1992, C60, Jason Mantis
RMI CD Comp, 1993, 2CD, Steven Boswell


Fear Rationalized, 1992, V30
Indoctrination, 1992, V30 unreleased

Unit Circle Music