Chocolate Chump


Stylus Records

7" Vinyl

Reviewed by:Derek, Nicole and Kevin

Kevin: I traded with the stylus guys for this at the at COCA. They werenít too happy about getting a Vassily 7" for it.
Derek: This one is clearly marked 33 1/3
Kevin: This is what I would call a lo-fi recording. Sort of bluesy rock, but with an "alternative feel."
Kevin: It comes with a sticker.

Kevin: This song, Cheyene seems unnaturally long
Derek: considering itís only half the first side
Kevin: I was out making cocoa during Bust how was it?
Derek: It was ok, it was still in the sort of Texas feel.
Kevin: Ok, letís do side two
Derek: Das Limpet
Derek: They designed their logo so that it works upside down
Kevin: wow cool!
Nicole: Thatís pretty amazing
Kevin: Thatís the coolest thing about them
Derek: Thatís something I would not have noticed if I had it on a CD
Kevin: Praise Vinyl!
Derek: this sounds heavier than the other side. More of a snarl.
Kevin: Their lead singer sounds like a cross between Les Claypool and Eddie Vedder on this side.
Kevin: I want this song to be faster.
[Derek turns the table to 45]
Kevin: Maybe not
[Derek turns the player back to 33]
Derek: Final comments?
Kevin: Slow blues influenced alt. rock that doesnít inspire much.
Nicole: It didnít do anything for me.
Derek: I like the first side better, the second side got too muddy.

[Unit Circle Music]