Dr. Bones

The Skelatones

Noise Records


Reviewed by:Derek, Kevin and Nicole

Kevin: These guys have the same PR firm as The Violet Burning, so weíre going to do them a favor and not read their press kit until after the review.
Kevin: theyíre from LA and supposedly pre-date Goldfinger and No Doubt. I did sneak a peak at the press kit
Nicole: Itís too precious. The singers like the way they sound too much.
Kevin: Itís most definitely SKA, but I always think as ska music as happy music even when itís sad. And so far, only the third track has been a good ska song.
Nicole: This isnít fun, the words arenít fun.
Kevin: I like this track, Delerium
Derek: It doesnít seem groundbreaking at all yet. The lyrics seem mostly like filler.
Derek: I donít really know how to comment on Ska. I like it when I see live bands, but I never go and buy any.
Kevin: I have some ska. This would not replace any Toasters albums in my collection, but this album is shaping into a decent ska disc. I would probably listen to it again.
Nicole: The only ska band Iíve heard live is the Crazy 8ís and compared to them, these guys have a much more subdued horn section. Their horns could be stronger.
Derek: Final comments?
Kevin: Fairly decent ska music, but not groundbreaking or a must have.
Derek: yeah.

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