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Reviewed by:Nicole, Derek and Kevin

Kevin: I have to put in a disclaimer here because Iím a member of Filet of Feedback and Iíve played with the Spo-Its a couple times and I think they rule.
Nicole: The Spo-Its rule, that what youíre saying?
Kevin: yes. They rule. They have pioneered an entire new genre of music, "White Trash Experimental Industrial Performance Art"
Nicole: hmm...
Kevin: And theyíre funny too.
Nicole: Do they do impressions?
Kevin: "Moses had ten commandments, but I only have one. Donít fuck around with Kung Fu Jesus."
Kevin: Theyíre like a rock band, sort of, but not really. They have a bunch of instruments, and they kind of play them, but not completely. And they make a bunch of noise and itís good.
Kevin: The sound-collage elements between the songs are really good too. Reminds me of Negativland or Slug.
Nicole: Itís got integrity, Iíll give it that. The use of sound collage... Itís better than songs that try to be straight and true and totally fail.
Kevin: They call their genre "Exploitation music." Wow, they were on the Jerry Springer show.
Derek: Seems like to you need to see them.
Kevin: yeah, this doesnít come close to their live shows which are their trademark. I guess that they have sort of the same problems as Crash Worship in that respect. Itís so hard to capture their live feel on a disc. I think that if youíd seen them live you would unquestioningly buy this CD and would listen to it daily.
Kevin: Final comments?
Nicole: Bring Poetry to the people, man.
Derek: Iíd really want to see them live.
Kevin: Buy this CD and then see them live and appreciate the CD that much more.

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