Cowgirls and Western Stars 7"

The Buckets

7" Vinyl

Reviewed by:Yary, Derek and Kevin

kevin: So this is the cowgirl side, I guess.
derek: What should I know about this band
kevin: It's got Carrie From Ed's Redeeming Qualities, I think there are two people from ERQ in this band
derek: They thank them on the back
yary: It definitely has a country western influence
kevin: They're part of the whole country western, umm... thing
derek: I hear that is really big nowadays. This is Indie-country, that whole underground country thing
kevin: They're trying to be funny
yary: I miss the humor
kevin: I think the other side is funnier Hey! they live near me.
yary: Makes me wanna line dance
derek: This one sounds even more country
kevin: I thought it was supposed to sound country. That was the point.
(kevin fixes the speaker, so now it's in stereo)
yary: In addition to the usual guitars they've got the fiddle and the banjo-ukejele.
derek: This one is funnier, I guess. I didn't really listen to the words on the first one.

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