Ken Fletcher & Rotcod Zzaj


Zzaj Productions


reviewed: Kevin

For more background on Zzaj, you might want to check out our review of another of his albums: "Bluer Than Blue." This album is a much different beast. We didn't get much information with the album on Ken Fletcher. He seems to be a percussionist with some other instruments at his command as well. Rotcod Zzaj is the man behind the keyboard. This is also very different from the other album in it's overall feel. Zzaj seems to really shine when he working off of another instrumentalist. He and Ken Fletcher make a pretty great team. Their music, mostly improvised I assume, has some really strong and nice moments. It also has the feel of a jam you wander into at a friend's house. You sit down to check it out for a little while and the next thing you know, you've been there for hours, just listening. The disc is named ".calm" and it certainly has a very quiet and mellow feel to it. The music isn't afraid to move from the background to the foreground often, commanding your attention. It also isn't afraid to have a little fun either. This is a disc definitely worth checking out for those who like their music casual and innovative or for those who like DIY experimental music.

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