Black Atmosphere

Black Atmosphere

Global Inception


Reviewed by:Nicole, Derek and Kevin

Kevin: There is no address in the booklet. Supposedly, there are from LA and moved up to Seattle.

Kevin and Derek mellow out through the first song without speaking a word

Derek: Have you seen them live?
Kevin: Yeah, I saw them for the first time last week. They were pretty good, kinda of a weird look for a gothic-type band. The lead singer and keyboardist (who's not on this recording) were very gothic-looking and the bassist and drummer were very normal-looking.
Kevin: The first track was super mellow, but I think that they have a strong Bauhaus influence.
Derek: Well they cover a Bauhaus song, don't they?
Kevin: Yeah, Muscle in Plastic.
Kevin: Their bassist is actually a very funky player live. You can sort of pick out his Funky lines on some of the songs.
Kevin: Hey Nicole, what do you know about these guys except that they're from LA?
Nicole: They left LA because they felt that the Goth scene there was insincere and the lead Singer Christof thinks of Goth more like theatre than music.
Kevin: Yeah, when I saw them live they had two dancers on the floor who lit a bunch of candles and were coated in paint.

Muscle in Plastic comes on

Derek: This (sound) is unexpected. I don't know the original song, but this is pretty uptempo.
Kevin: When I saw them, they were a lot more uptempo than the first couple tracks on this disk would lead you to believe.

Kevin gets another phone call. Derek bobs his head to the music.

Kevin has a minor personal emergency

Kevin: So...what are your final thoughts on Black Atmosphere?
Derek: I like them a lot, I noticed the funk component a lot more in the last few tracks we listened to, it made a nice departure from other Goth I've heard.
Kevin: Yeah, they're pretty good.

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