Lost in the Light of Day

Bone Cellar

{your name here} Records, 15600 NE 8th Street, Suite B1 #515

Reviewed by:Derek and Kevin

Kevin: Well, we're on track 5. What do you think so far?
Derek: I don't know, I haven't heard anything unique enough yet.
Kevin: I like this album. Actually, I like Bone Cellar, they're good.
Derek: I liked that track (Useless).
Kevin: You'll notice that they thank Vassily in the liner notes.
Derek: They have a home page, http://www.amz.com/bands/BoneCellar/.
Kevin: Actually, I should disqualify myself from reviewing them, since I know Dave Nothing, but fuck, if his songs sucked, I'd tell him so.
Kevin: "Words" has a country feel at times that I don't like. There, I said something bad about the record.
Derek: I like the more melodic parts better.
Kevin: This is actually a pretty good driving album. It's great to have on in the car when you're on the highway.

Derek shrugs

Kevin: Dave Nothing solos too much.
Derek: Is this him now?
Kevin: Yeah, I'm pretty sure. Bands in Seattle have a lot more guitar solos then they should. I like this "drowning in my sleep" song in spite of that though. It has good lyrics.
Derek: What ever happened to the drum solo (in general)?
Kevin: Or the bass solo? I think that the preponderence of Guitar Solos in Seattle is due partially to the popularity of 70s heavy metal until very recently there.
Kevin: I heard that this CD is supposed to be like a 3-sided record. There's a side one, side two and side chaff on the case.
Derek: I wonder who the first person was to realize that the inside of the CD case didn't have to be black? (this CD has a clear backing)
Kevin: I should have read the liner notes more carefully. Bone Cellar thanks Voodoo Gearshift, Yab Yum and Vassily, all of whom are now broken up. Also it talks about the CD's three philosophical "sides."
Kevin: Oh this is a good song, "Lost in the Light of Day."
Kevin: The last track was recorded at KAOS in Olympia, they improvised it, it's pretty funny.
Kevin: so?
Derek: They seem like a nice band to go and see, but I don't know how many times I would listen to this CD.

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