Super Roots EP

The Boredoms

Reviewed by:Derek and Kevin

Derek: We're listening to Budokon Tape Try.
Kevin: Where is budokon?
Derek: It's something we should know.
Kevin: Didn't Cheap Trick have that album, "Live at Budokon"?
Derek: So it's where Cheap Trick lives.
Kevin: They're really good, but I don't know how often I could listen to their record
Derek: Seems like it needs to be really loud and you have to see them jumping around on a stage.
Kevin: This comes pretty close to capturing how they sound live.
Derek: Aren't they at lollapalooza or something this year?
Kevin: Yeah, they're on half the tour.
Derek: They have the official warner brother jewel box.
Kevin: It's hard to imagine this is on warner bros.
Derek: It's on reprise records.
Kevin: But reprise is wholly owned by warner bros, right?
Derek: Yeah.
Derek: They have really great song titles.
Derek: This is sort of like my crash worship CD, it's hard to find the right time to play it at home.
Kevin: This is sort of like easy-listenin' nuclear war, I could listen to a whole CD of them screaming though, at least once or twice. I like them also because they're more well-rounded than a lot of the Japanese noise bands. And they are funnier too.
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