in sisters all and felony / angels on installment plan

Brise Glace

7" Vinyl

Reviewed by:Kevin and Derek

Kevin: I would pay to see Jim O'Rourke defecate on stage. He's one of my favorite experimental music guys.
Derek: What else has he done?
Kevin: He played in Illusion of Safety for a long time, since then he's done a lot of solo stuff, and a lot of collaborations. That CD he did with K.K. Null is a complete masterpiece.
Kevin: This seems more conventional than a lot of the stuff he's stuff done, but hear that droney thing in the background? That's his guitar.
Kevin:The comic that comes with it seems pretty cool.
Kevin: I really like the way that track [in sisters and agony] ended.
Derek: They're distributed by touch and go. Wow, a lot of these punk labels are 10 or 12 years old, seems counterintuitive.
Kevin: It's cool though, they're still doing wacky stuff, even though they are almost institutions themselves.
Kevin:This track [angels on installment plan] is a lot more ethereal.
Derek: I like the other side.
Derek: This ambient thing is picking up, there are now ambient clubs.
Kevin: I don't think this is really ambient.
Derek: I think it would fit well in those clubs, but I don't think they intended to do something in that genre.
Kevin: Well, that was a short track.

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