Corduroy/The Meices split 7"

Volta Records (PO Box 460338, SF CA 94146)

7" Vinyl

Reviewed by:Derek and Kevin

Courduroy (94K WAV 10sec 8Bit 16000MHz)
Courduroy (184K AIFF 10sec 8Bit 16000MHz)
The Meices (162K WAV 11sec 8Bit 16000MHz)
The Meices (162K AIFF 11sec 8Bit 16000MHz)

Kevin: before we begin, let me tell you that Corduroy is one of my favorite San Fran bands and if you say anything bad, I'll hit you.
Derek: there's an acid jazz band called Corduroy. I don't have their record, but they're supposed to sound more 70's than "modern jazz."
Kevin: Just My Way is ok, not their best, not their worst... Live, they are really good
Kevin: Volta is a pretty new label I guess. This is the third release.
Kevin: so what do you think?
Derek: well, neither track seemed too distinctive, they're both sort of uh, guitar-noisy kind of stuff and some guy wailing.
Kevin: yeah, this isn't blowing me away, like I was hoping. Nice breakdown on Sump 'n Good
Derek: that's what I was going to say. The end part is nice, it's more energetic

Kevin: before we being, let me tell you that I don't feel one way or the other about the Meices.
Kevin: I like this better than the corduroy side so far. Very driving.
Derek: it's got the big rock sound
[kevin and derek bob heads]
Derek: ah, the classic scream at the end
Kevin: it's I Ran from Flock of Seagulls!
Derek: I didn't recognize it.
Kevin: I didn't either at first and I knew it was. I always thought were more jazz-core-y. Maybe I was getting them confused with some other band. This is pretty straightahead punk rock.
Derek: yeah, itwas very straightahead punk rock.

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