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Reviewed by:Kevin, Derek and Nicole

Kevin: I donít know if we even need to listen to the record, weíve all these songs before. Itís a fairly complete collection of 1st wave british punk.
[kevin sings along with Punkís Not Dead]
Kevin: Itís like being in high school all over again.
Derek: is it mostly nostalgia value now?
Kevin: for me it is?
Nicole: Are we listening to the Sex Pistols or are we reviewing an album?
Kevin: That was The Exploited This is the Anti-Nowhere League
Kevin: I think the thing I remember most about the Anti-Nowhere League is that one of the punks on the cover of one of the Punk & Disorderly compilations had written their name across their leather jacket.
Nicole: thatís enough, Iím bored.
Kevin: Thatís the sad thing about this music re-released now. It has none of the shock value it did when it came out, it seems pretty tame. Itís still good music, but for me anyway, itís just nostalgia.
[The Business-Suburban Rebels comes on]
Kevin: Wow, remember when OI was still being played?
Nicole: no.
Kevin: I see a commercial with two 35 year old ex-punks sitting on their carpet with glasses of wine in front of a fire
Nicole: did they set something on fire?
Kevin: just like the fake Spinal tap commercial
[The Selecter - On My Radio Ď91]
Nicole: This would be really good if Shonen Knife did this.
Kevin: I think this disc would be a good present for any young punk, to give them some historical background
Nicole: or just to set it on fire
Derek: So in ten years do you think this will be on the easy-listening stations or will it be totally ignored?
Kevin: I think that in ten years this will be on the classic rock stations, I bet that some of it is already on the the adult light rock stations.
[Derek skips to Stiff Little Fingers]
Derek: Punk rock is almost in the first half of the history of rock now
Kevin: I donít know, I want to recommend this record, but itís hard to find reasons why besides my own nostalgia
Derek: I think that people would be better off going to a record store and finding some of the original comps.
Kevin: if any of them still own record players

[Unit Circle Music]