Something's Gonna Change

Plumb Records

Reviewed by: Kevin

hrm... I've been carrying this disc around with me for quite a while looking for some time to review it. I had glanced through the press kit and it held vast promises... Review after review discussed how "experimental" Lint is and how avant-garde their packaging of their former releases were (my copy of this came in the standard jewel-case with above average indie artwork). I had been saving this album to be a personal treat after all the crap we get to review. Imagine my dissapointment when I pop the disc into my player and 100% indie rock comes out. These guys are about as experimental as Blink 182, but without the extra money for high-quality recording. To me this sounds like very straight ahead Boston power-pop recorded on a budget. I didn't immediately yank the disc out of the player though. I decided to give these guys a chance, and I'm glad I did. It wasn't that their music got better, it's more that I adjusted my expectations accordingly. Instead of looking to these guys to be the next Sonic Youth or Mogwai, I started thinking about them more in terms of the many, many bad power-pop bands I've seen over the years. In comparison to their peers, these guys are probably B+ students in the song writing category. If you're looking for some pretty good lo-fi indie rock, these are your boys. If you're looking for something that will challenge you, look elsewhere. These tunes will get your toes tapping while you listen, but 2 seconds after they are over you can't remember a thing about them.

[Unit Circle Music]