Here's To The Losers: A Store Room Compilation

The Store Room, 605 Eastlake Ave E #1, Seattle WA 98109


Reviewed by:Kevin and Derek

Kevin: The Store Room is a bar in Seattle that used to have lots of rock shows.
Derek: So are they just a label now?
Kevin: No, they're still a bar, they just don't do any rock shows. It's a really tiny place, I can't imagine what it was like with a loud band in there.
Derek: All the liner notes are written by the bartender.
Kevin: It's a pretty cool place, like if "Cheers" were a punk bar.
Kevin: The quality of the recordings varies wildly.
Derek: These are all from '91 to '93, the copyright notice says '93-'94
Kevin: Most of these bands are long gone. The only ones that are still around are Monster Truck Driver, and Bone Cellar.

Kevin gets a phone call, Derek takes the batteries out of his remote control and puts them back in. The cat knocks some stuff off the table.

Derek: so half the record is over, well it's only the 8th song.
Kevin: how many songs are there?
Derek: there are 33.

Kevin gets another call. Derek knocks some stuff off the desk.

Derek: shall we comment on the music?
Kevin: umm... It's ok...this is sort of standard Seattle sound songs.
Derek: I guess I wouldn't mind going to a bar and hearing this all in a row. There's enough variety and they're short enough so that I wouldn't get tired of it like I might if I heard a whole set from one of these bands.
Kevin: Well, we're about to hear two CDs from one of them, Bone Cellar. Actually, Dave Nothing from Bone Cellar was also in Nothing which is also on this CD.
Kevin: What track is this?
Derek: Number 14, it's Monster Truck Driver.
Kevin: Do you like it?
Derek: I guess so.
Kevin: I almost lived in the same apartment building as them.
Kevin: Most of these bands I know from seeing their stickers in the bathrooms of clubs in Seattle, although most of them have been broken up for a while.
Kevin: Oh Yab Yum, we got their cassette to review, but I forgot to bring it. It doesn't matter, I heard they broke up. This track is good though.

Kevin: I'm trying to think who Sourpuss remind me of. Not Tribe 8.
Derek: They sound more sing-a-longy.
Kevin: Lectra Shave isn't bad.
Derek: I'm feeling better about this CD.

Derek: Seems to be the motorhead-esque section of the CD

Kevin: Who's this?
Derek: Petchouli Sewer.
Kevin: Well, now I can dislike them for more than their dumb name. This song lacks quality.
Kevin: Even the volume fluctuates wildly.

Derek skips rapidly through the rest of the CD

Derek: In conclusion, I would probably only buy this CD if I had fond memories of this bar or some of these bands.
Kevin: I think this is a pretty ok, but not amazing Punk/Grunge compilation. It has some possible historic value, but it's just ok.

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