Mo' Cookin' Compilation


Reviewed by:Derek and Kevin

Kevin: Is this acid jazz?
Derek: It's closer to conventional jazz than acid jazz, I think that acid jazz relies more on sampling and studio work. This is more life stuff, but then it's more danceable than a lot of jazz.
Kevin: It's pretty cool. I think that there has been a really big conventional jazz revival.
Derek: There's a ton of clubs that have either a Jazz DJ or bands that are really packed, even on weekdays.
Derek: This is actually part of a series of three, there's Home Cookin, Mo' Cookin and Still Cookin'. Still Cookin' just came out in the last month, which we would be reviewin' now if I had picked it up. I actually saw it on CD, but I wanted to pick up the vinyl I could actually DJ with this stuff.
Kevin: This is more than San Francisco, there also people from London and LA on this.
Derek: I think those and New York and Tokyo are the big Acid Jazz spots.
Kevin: We should actually mention some of the bands that are on this, since this is a compilation.
Derek: Slide 5 I've seen, they're pretty good live. Sweet Potato is from around here [SF].
Kevin: Push is from London, and Spirit Level has got people from London. Ping Pong is from LA.
[Kevin and Derek bob heads to the rhythm]
Kevin: What's your favorite track on this?
Derek: I like the Ping Pong track, I think I like almost all of them actually, but three or four of them have really good rhythms for DJing with.
Kevin: I've heard this Slide 5 tack before, it's really good. I should pick up this album... I could see this Ping Pong track being a really good party song.

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