In Utero



Reviewed by:Derek, Kevin and Jane

derek: the people who live below me play this really loud. just the one song...
kevin: there's this guy, there's this guy, no, there's this woman who says this her boyfriend.
derek: my neighbour's like "rape me"
kevin: it's not, like, an endorsement of rape.
kevin: (whinnies like a horse)
derek: rolling stone gave it, like four stars. they said kurt cobain is the next john lennon
kevin: shee-yah!
derek: saw them at the warfield. they were pretty good, i didn't pay much attention to them.
jane: ...
kevin: (something about sonic youth)
derek: ...early 1983...
kevin: i like that line "i wish i could eat your cancer"
kevin: hey listen...
derek: he he hee
kevin: I thought they were saying "hey, wayne, i've got a bill to pay"
kevin: it's cool, because he's like, wearing a flipper shirt.
derek: lemme see
kevin and derek: beep beep
kevin: who's frances farmer? they thank mudhoney. and r.e.m. courtney love is now courtney love-cobain
jane:...i'm going to bed.

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