Thanks For The Ether


Reviewed by:Derek, Kevin and Nicole

Kevin: We interviewed them for this issue, so I guess that means we like them.
Nicole: I like the way they introduced their live show, ĎThe filthiness of our underpinnings does not reflect the purity in our hearts.í
Nicole: Theyíre so different from whatís out there, they are so atypical.
Derek: yeah.
Nicole: Theyíre a true ladies cello society.
[Kevin rolls his eyes]
[Nicole gets defensive]
Nicole: well, I want everybody to buy their album because I think that theyíre good
Derek: yeah, I like their sound
Kevin: it took me a few listenings to get into it, but now I really like it.
Derek: this might be the first CD that weíve reviewed that I might actually buy myself
Kevin: I think that Nozzle is my favorite track
Nicole: why? Why is it your favorite track? Because itís mostly talking?
Kevin: No, no because itís so...
Nicole: Cello-y?
Kevin: yes, thatís it.
Kevin: Transylvanian Concubine was the first single from the disc, I donít know why.
Nicole: Itís not only cello or rock, itís sort of both, they werenít trying to eliminate any group from listening to it.
Derek: they were going for the crossover audience?
Nicole: yes
Derek: The Cello/Rock demographic?
Nicole: They almost sound cranes-y on endomorph
Nicole: I donít think that brand new key should be overlooked either, I think thatís a unique version of that song.
Kevin: I think that was the B-side of the single
[Nicole skips around the CD looking for her favorite track]
[Kevin stops her from skipping over Dig Ophelia]
Kevin: wait, thatís a good song
Nicole: yeah, I think I like this one
Kevin: Final comments? Anyone?
Derek: Iíd still buy it even after listening to the whole album
Nicole: buy this album

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