Trance Mission

Trance Mission

City Of Tribes


Reviewed by:Kevin, Derek and Jane

kevin: uh, i dunno. i like it. but, like, i bought it. it's like, whatsername plays the oboe and stuff. it's billed as dance music, but i dunno if it is...
derek: not this one.
kevin: the back looks like the cover to..uh..chuck d - what band is he in?
derek: heh heh heh. oh - fear of a black planet?
kevin: yeh, it looks like the back of fear of a black planet. hey, miss whacky, you haven't said JACK
kevin: they're playing all these wierd instruments. they've got animal horns.
kevin: blah blah blah didgerdu blah blah HEY SHUDDUP...
kevin: this is an amazingly long song.
derek: what?
derek: er.....
kevin: should we move on?

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