Pink Bunnies Plus Pack

Zilch Spacecasting Network & Math


reviewed by: kevin

A long time ago, when I was a DJ, I remember getting and loving an album from a band called "Old Skull." Essentially, it was a punk band made up of 8 year olds. It was brilliant in it's way. This album is better. It's the result of a collaboration between father and daughter and friends. The result is pure surrealist fun. This is probably the most surreal album I've heard in a year. It's chock full of funny songs, strange songs, weird sounds and all sorts of crazy-ness. The longest track is under three minutes. Most of the cuts are under 20 seconds. That works really well. Songs come and go so quickly that you can't catch your balance as the ground changes underneath you. One second there is a funny little song and the next there is a nightmarish noise-scape and then boom! You are somewhere else completely. Excellent!

Unit Circle Music