Originally Appeared in Unit Circle #5

December 22 - 1991 - 1992

by Christopher Dante Romano

Dreamboy (and its collection in Dec 22) isnt for everyone. But I sure as hell can't pin down just who its for.

I'd already read some Dreamboy when Dec 22 landed in my lap, and so, to get that vital first reaction, I turned to my friends, Bill and Loki (yes, his name is Loki). Bill (etcxyzzy@karl.acc.iit.edu) sayeth, "Take this back. It shouldn't be in my hands, being read." Loki (dankmyer@math.grin.edu): "Amusingly homely, but I don't know if I could tolerate it for 200 pages." Well, we know that it's not for Loki or Bill.

So, what is Dreamboy? It's a rather lucid chronicle of Christopher Romanos dreams. And you mutter to yourself, "but I could have done this!" Ahh, but you didn't. To be honest, the schtick is occasionally wearying. My own nighttime and nap time blunderings of psyche are repetitive enough. Since I'm not living the life of Dreamboy's dreams, the collection occasionally lacks that oomph of significance.

All that aside, if you read any of Dreamboy or Dec 22 in great, huge, unabashed gulps, then you'll be entertained. Mr. Romano does not gloss his accounts. So you are left to absorb the themes, characters, locales, and situations. I'll spare your from my efforts to attempt to capture the experience of reading Dreamboy for now except to say that it's worth at least a glance.

To get your hands on Dreamboy in newsletter form, you can write to Mr. Romano at cdromano@earthlink.net. Back issues are available in via anonymous ftp from ftp.etext.org pub in /zine/Dreamboy or via /zine/dreamboy/

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