let's get real gone


      here is the order in which it happened:
      I said, "I think that the room
      	should just be filled with space.
      		no books at all
      		and maybe just one rose
      on a table."
      amy said, "I could put the baby 
      		to bed."
      by that she meant:
      	"let's take all the trash
      	and put it in the trash, 
      		but let's do it
      		I put on a record:
      next, I wheeled around
      	and almost 
      		 fell down, like
      		dancing to melodies
      		on the record player.
      amy said, "you could help me
      		clean the kitchen."
      by which she meant,
      "by tomorrow,
      	you will have forgotten
      all of this."
         "please be careful"
                I turned to face her
      by this, I meant
      		that I loved her
      on the kitchen table, I drew
       a small rose.                 I looked out the window
      and watched the
      	sun rise
      please help me,
       it says,
      by this,
      	 I meant that
       		I was almost
      by that,
       	amy was already
      asleep, and I
                  the knob
                      on the
                        record player
      the music had returned
              to its rightful owner
      by now,
       the rose
          opened towards
              the light
                 of the
      by this I mean,
      amy was alive
      	and asleep,
      I was asleep,
            and with amy
           was alive, and 
      underneath one fragrant petal I rested
       my head for eternity and ever
      by now, my breathing was                almost complete, 
      by now, I           

Unit Circle Poetry