Welcome to Unit Circle #3. Uh, sorry it took so long to get it out, but that's the way things work sometimes. (All the time. -ed) Things went really well for UC #2 and I hope that UC #3 will be just as well liked. We are now being sold in Bay Area stores, and the electronic version of the magazine is being sent to every continent on the planet. This issue is a little smaller than the last one, NOT. As we are maturing, we are becoming more picky about the stuff we put into our little broadsheet. Not that we haven't been receiving tons of great stuff, but not all of it jibes with the sense of what we want the Unit Circle to be. At the same time, I don't want to discourage people from sending things in, we won't continue to exist at all if no one is interested in contributing. We want each issue to be higher quality than the last, and we hope that you the reader appreciates that. For foreign language submissions please include an english version, if possible - we will publish both. Thanks for your continued support. This issue is dedicated to Derek Jarman and Randy Shilts.

for this issue, The Unit Circle staff was:

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