Welcome to Unit Circle Number 5!

We hit our second Anniversary in March. We haven't reached our original goal of being a quarterly, but things have changed a lot in that time. Adding Derek as Design Maven improved our look 500%. We've had two great literary editors, Jane Underwood and Nita Daniel. We're continuing to increase our paper distribution each issue (we are now distributed on paper in San Francisco, Portland and Seattle). Our web pages are getting even more traffic now that we're on etext.org. The quality of the submissions continues to be good. The future looks bright. Check out the new things in the catalog: We are now helping to distribute Dec. 22; a book by Chris Romano, published by Inferno press; We have given a sample of some of his work in this issue to give you an idea of his style. There is also a new item from Unit Circle Rekkids available from the catalog: a new 7" single from Seattle-based Visigoth band Vassily.

Check out the images from Heath Bunting of the public art that he has been doing in England. There are also fine poems from David Bolduc and Gilbert Vanburen Wilkes IV. Leland Ray has an excellent contribution with his story "Bowie".

Thanks for supporting independent publishing!


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