Gosh don't all of my introductions sound alike? Always welcoming you to an issue that is better than any previous? Well, guess what. Again, this is our best issue yet! We've reprinted all of our back issues again so that you can check me on this. Look in the catalog at the back. tUC #5 got our best reviews ever. Even Factsheet 5 liked us for once, although they did complain that we lost some our "edginess" from issues 1-4.

A lot of comments about #5 concerned its brevity. People wanted more! This issue we've gone back to the size of our earlier issues. If we continue to receive submissions in the bulk that we have so far, we shouldn't have any problem keeping it up.

The literary submissions have been pouring in. We're now rejecting much more than we're accepting. This is very good for you, the reader. We still want nire submissions. We depend on them. Especially art submissions. Hey artists, where are you? Also, we're always looking for articles on art, music, politics, etc. We'd also love your book and media reviews as well.

Unit Circle Rekkids has been busy also. Check out the two new releases in the catalog. One new addition is a 7" from Pittsburgh Gothic band, The Garden. I used to go see them every chance I could when I went to college there. Now I can finally help expose the west coast to their finely crafted dark music. Intonarumori used to be called just "The Unit Circle." I changed the name, because it was getting too confusing with all the other Unit Circle stuff. This cassette contains five tracks composed between 1991 and 1995. One of them was on RMI Mind/Body Volume 1 compilation and another is on the RMI Mind/Body Volume 3 compilation. If you like experimental music, especially leaning towards sound enviroments or dense sound collages, this tape is for you.

Thanks, and don't hesitate to write us and let us know what you think.

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