Nicole Waller


staged with
Portraiture is the most effective method I know of conveying a mood. I lived in the University District in Seattle for years and immersed myself in the young and homeless coffee-house-veteran scene there. It is an environment permeated with apathy and self-involvement. I observed the same attitudes in the streets of Seattle and San Francisco. My drawings became vignettes, staged with one central unique player who is usually engaging or completely engrossed. I prefer to document people most of us overlook as we proceed with our personal agendas
one central unique player
Nicole was the featured artist in September, 1995 at Art/Not Terminal Gallery in Seattle. Her work has been acknowledged by the Coloured Pencil Society of America, and is part of the King County Library System in Seattle. An on-line portfolio of her coloured pencil work can be found on her home page.

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