Unit Circle Issues

Issue #1 published March 1993. first issue of da zine: includes a big section on Shonen Knife and fiction and poetry from Dan Applequist, Art from Michael Portuesi

Issue #2 published August 1993. much cleaner and with more people contributing than in #1. Lots of art, music reviews, a section on the Gay and Lesbian march on Washington, book reviews, poetry, fiction and more.

Issue #3 published April 1994. 28 pages! Includes fiction by Joeli Nelson-Payne, lots of poetry, art by Robert Reimann, E Coli, and Kevin Goldsmith. cool book reviews and music reviews by us. Available in Postscript and HTML

Issue #4 This is the first Unit Circle issue with a HTML version published October 1994. Includes an interesting opinion piece by Doctress Neutopia, A rountable discussion with the Unit Circle, Grae Com and Trance, poetry by Morgan Fletcher and cool reviews.

Issue #5 This issue also has an HTML analogue. Also Tactile Pictures has created an interactive Mac version. Published May 1995. Included art from Heath Bunting; poems from David Bolduc, Gilbert Vanburen Wilkes; a story from Leland Ray; an book excerpt from Chris Romano; and the usual slew of reviews and such.

Issue #6 Published January 1996. Includes Art from Nicole Waller, Interviews with John Mohr of Tar and Satan's Pilgrims, many poems, a short story by Drew Feinberg, and reviews of a Negativland book and movie as well as a ton of records.

Unit Circle Stickers These stickers originally came with the paper edition of Unit Circle #1. They are a series I created in response to what I saw as media created heros and villains. Some of them still apply. Print them out onto sticker paper, or don't.

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