Pleasure Vibe 2000: A Unit Circle Sampler

After five years of releasing CDs, we realized that people would know about one or two of the bands on the Label, but not the others. To rectify the situation, we asked all of the bands on the label to contribute a track to a new compilation that we could give away super cheap. This is the result, six brand new tracks and one classic from almost all of your favorite Unit Circle groups (the only one we missed was UnFolkUs). This CD is now out of print.

Exclaim! - November 2000
This sampler showcases Seattle's contemporary suburban underground. M'Lumbo, Amy Denio and Bill Horist explore experimental terrain between dance culture and rock, combining feedback and reverse loops with dance grooves, drum machines and samples. While the gothic punk of Pineal Ventana suggests early Roxy Music meets Siouxsie and the Banshees, retro-slacker bands like Bethany Curve, Intonarumori and SubArachnoid Space recall the pre-grunge era of England's shoe-gazing scene. Jupiter 88's "Central Square" is brilliant, balmy pop, combining performance art through a megaphone with drum machines, sample loops, viola and cello for an audacious example of post-Mark E. Smith pop minimalism. - David Lewis