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Following the 2002 release of Material, Intonarumori’s Kevin Goldsmith began looking towards new approaches to composition and ways of producing sound. Having spent more than a decade producing electro-acoustic sounds by combining cello, bass and other instruments with electronic processing and synthesized ambiences into a sometimes sonic overloading wash of sound, what Goldsmith called maximal-minimalism; he wanted to move into more subtler areas. Over the next few years of performing and recording as Intonarumori as well as with transPacifc, he produced several tracks for a drastically different new album from his previous work. After going through the tracks several times, he decided to put the album to the side so that he could come at it with fresh ears. The original plan of waiting a few months became a few years. Finally, in 2013 after a re-location to Europe, Goldsmith returned to those tracks again. With a new critical ear, he pruned mercilessly, adding only those tracks which he felt had stood the test of time. The result is L-ST, a new approach for Intonarumori. A lost album, but something that still sounds vital and contemporary.

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