The Hunt Club

Good, but not good enough for the price.

While I detest the Zagat guide, they do have one thing absolutely right. They rate restaurants on three axis: food, service and decor. When a restaurant has entree prices in the $25-$50 price range, you better expect all three.

I was a bit disappointed at the decor of the Hunt Club, I had been to the lounge before and thought that decor was lovely. The Hunt Club continues the dark-wood-paneled-gentlemen's-club feel, but one side of the restaurant is small and nearly windowless, making it feel more like one of those theme restaurants from the 70s with peanut shells on the floor. The other side is more open, but unfortunately, that is partially because it is connected to the bar and only separated by a flimsy curtain.

The service was quite good. I was concerned beforehand because I had read many accounts of poor service at the Hunt club on the web, but the service staff was friendly, helpful and prompt in our experience. The Sommelier was one of the best I've had; recommending not only the higher priced wines, but also some of the less expensive (without being asked).

The food was a bit uneven. The wild greens salad was a disappointment, but my grilled broccolini was delicious. The Salmon was pretty good (but for the price, we should have expected Copper River King). The Chicken was also quite good.

In general, the Hunt Club is a worthwhile choice if you are staying at the Sorrento (in which case, the cost of the menu won't seem unreasonable), but in comparison to the many other high quality restaurants in its price range in Seattle, don't bother.

Posted: Mon - June 5, 2006 at 09:40 AM           |