Marco's Supper Club

If you can stomach the noise level, it might be worth a shot.

Marco's Supper Club is nearly a landmark, tucked away on 1st Avenue. The atmosphere seems funky but romantic, the staff is excellent and the prices are reasonable for downtown. I was wondering why we didn't eat there more often. So we visited last night for the third time in 12 years and I was reminded of why we don't eat there with any regularity. It was loud. Ear-split-tingly loud. It's a large room with a low ceiling and almost nothing to absorb the sound of the various conversations. In order to speak to my wife, I had to yell over the obnoxious young microsoftie bragging about his new house to his date. He was not at the next table, he was several feet away. My food was good, but not amazing. My wife's salmon was undercooked and had to be sent back. On its return (after I had finished my entree), it was cooked more, but still rare. To the staff's credit, they handled the situation perfectly, but it still put a cloud over an otherwise ok dinner.

I can't really recommend it, but I can't suggest avoiding it either. This is one you need to try for yourself. My only suggestion is to visit on a weeknight when the crowds won't be so intense. This might make a meal there a much more pleasant and romantic experience.

Posted: Mon - June 19, 2006 at 12:34 AM           |