Got my Quad!

And I'm insanely delirious with joy

I've done the photos for a what-is-in-the-box kind of thing, but honestly it wasn't too many frills. The CPU, keyboard, mighty mouse and a power cable, USB extension cable and a DVI->VGA adaptor.

Some initial thoughts:
This thing is heavy. It seems heavier than my dual-G5 at work, but I could be wrong. I never had to lift that out of its box.
It is sweetly quiet, it isn't silent, but I don't think I'll need a box around it if I want to record in the same room.
I haven't had a chance to install any software that will really put it through its paces performance-wise, but it is definitely speedy
I don't get all the complaints about the mighty mouse, seems totally cool to me. May not even replace it with a trackball (my preferred interface device).

So far the best part was how insanely easy upgrading it was. I got my mac with 512 MB of RAM and the lowest size disk. Then while I waited and waited for my Quad to finally arrive, I got another 4 GB of RAM from Crucial and a 300 MB hard drive and they sat waiting for their host to appear. After booting the mac the first time to enter in my data and make sure it works, I installed all the system updates and then shut down. I skimmed the upgrade instructions in the manual and then bam! installed the extra ram and the hard drive in a couple of minutes. This is by far the easiest upgrades I've ever done on a system (although installing RAM into an SGI Indy was really easy), there is a ton of room in the case to work with and the system they have for mounting the hard-drives is dead simple and so insanely cool after having sliced my hand open trying to screw in a hard drive into a PC chassis.

Now, for the rest of the weekend, my goal is to get all my software loaded and really put this thing through its paces. Also, I've got to move stuff from my powerbook onto my quad. Looking to the future, I'm wondering about a new or additional video card. I'm wondering if there was something in between the default card which I got and the $1600 dollar card that was the other option. Also, I'm wondering if there are any other cool PCI Express cards to look out for...

I'll post more when I've spent a bit more time, and I'll post pics when I move my iPhoto library over.

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