Wed - November 8, 2006

Interesting article on the evolving Microsoft media ecosystem

Microsoft's media convergence strategy has been eluding me even as it has evolved. With the Zune imminent, the 360, and Windows Media Center PCs already here, I've found myself monumentally unimpressed with it all. Microsoft has the technologies, but not the integration. The individual technologies themselves are completely unappealing to me. However, this article from tech crunch puts it all together in a way I hadn't considered.

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Sat - October 28, 2006

iTunes 7.0.1 is the buggiest piece of software I have ever used

and I worked at a Unix company in the days before testers, so that is saying something.

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Mon - October 23, 2006

The Motorola RAZR is a poorly made product

But what I really wanted to say was P.O.S...

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Mon - October 16, 2006

My Rainy day weekend project

using Lightwave, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Cubase, and Flash... More details later...

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Sat - August 12, 2006

Developers Developers Developers Developers

Apple hates Developers Developers Developers Developers

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Sat - May 6, 2006

PalmTX as laptop replacement (review pt. 2)

I bought the TX for e-mail and web access during my Europe trip, here's my thoughts.

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Sat - April 29, 2006

Interesting quote from Chris DeWolfe in the NYT

There was an article on April 23rd in the NYT about MySpace in which Chris DeWolfe made a classic mistake...

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Fri - March 17, 2006

PalmTX mini-review

I've had a PalmTX now for a few weeks, here are some thoughts

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Wed - January 11, 2006

iLife '06

impressive, but I don't know if it is for me

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Thu - December 8, 2005

Griffin Smart Deck Review

it sux

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Wed - December 7, 2005

Consolidating chargers

Can I use one charger for everything?

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Fri - November 25, 2005

DVD+R DL Media

Some informal quality tests

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Tue - November 22, 2005

sneaky phishers


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Mon - November 21, 2005

More hot quad action!

impressions after the first couple of days

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Fri - November 18, 2005

Got my Quad!

And I'm insanely delirious with joy

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