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Some informal quality tests

In an earlier article I mentioned how I was burning a lot of dud disks these days. Well, I spent a lot of time trying to diagnose the problem. When I wrote that article I was using a Lacie DL lightscribe burner with my Powerbook G4 867 MHz. After some experimenting, I decided that the issue was a bad firewire cable. I switched to a different firewire cable and got better success rates, but in general I was still only hitting about 30% successful (as in verified) burns to DL discs. Then I did some checking and found out more or less that Toast 6 Platinum has some bugs in it that Roxio couldn't give a damn about. At the time I was using the Memorex blanks exclusively because they were easy to find and are actually sold in spindles of 25 for around $4 each. There is also TDK and Verbatim discs. I've only found the verbatim in packs of 3 for around $7 each and the TDK in packs of 5 also for around $7 each. When I got my quad and switched to burning on that with the built-in Pioneer A110D, I started burning 100% duds. The disc burns would complete successfully, but each verification would fail because a certain sector (usually the same sector on different discs) couldn't be read. I tried switching to the Verbatim, SUCCESS. I ran out of Verbatim and tried the TDKs 100% success.

AVOID the Memorex DVD+RW DL discs!!!!

Posted: Fri - November 25, 2005 at 05:09 PM           |