PalmTX mini-review

I've had a PalmTX now for a few weeks, here are some thoughts

I bought the TX so that we could access e-mail and the web on our trip without having to lug around a laptop. I also figured that it might be a nice way to organize some of our info for the trip and keep track of things.

So far it seems ok, I haven't had too many problems. I can't say I'm overjoyed though either. Considering that Palm is the main PDA solution for Mac users, you might think that they would provide better software for us. It seems to work ok, but it doesn't sink with Entourage automatically, the included PDF software doesn't work at all on the mac side, the cable doesn't attach securely to the device, so it is constantly disconnecting with the slightest touch. This isn't my first Palm, I had a Visor before, but I sync'd that to a PC and I can say that it was a bit better of an experience. Even with the included Palm Apps and the freeware Palm Apps I've found, I'm finding myself having to buy quite a bit of non-cheap software to make this device useable for my needs. The software that Palm does include mostly seems ok, the web browser is functional and displays most pages well enough (although the Unit Circle Rekkids page doesn't display at all), but it won't display a text file off a web server for some reason. The mail app seems pretty reasonable.

On the plus side, it is fairly tiny. I could easily see myself whipping this out on the street to check an address or a map, but I couldn't imagine doing that with an OQO or even an Origami. I think I was hoping to use this as my single information device whereas Palm was thinking that this would be the device I would use in transit or in a single meeting.

It will be an interesting test to see if we have to resort to an internet cafe during our trip, it will be an even more interesting test to see if I use it at all after we get back from our trip. I can't sync it to my corporate e-mail outside of work thanks to our VPN, I can't connect to my corporate wireless ethernet thanks to our authentication mechanism, so it isn't that useful for me as a business tool. I don't spend that much time on public transit since I live close to work. I have a PSP to keep me entertained on flights and in airports. The note-taking, list keeping and basic calendar and contacts stuff is already supported by my cell phone... Maybe PDAs really are dead...

Posted: Fri - March 17, 2006 at 07:30 AM           |