Fri - November 3, 2006

Native Instruments

is pissing me off.

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Mon - May 22, 2006

Soundtrack Pro needs some work

What kind of audio program doesn't recognize external audio hardware?

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Wed - November 9, 2005

Amp Modeling hell 

Still very little love for the bassists. More options but still no good ones... 

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Tue - August 16, 2005


not so much a rant as last time. this time I back it up a bit. 

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Sat - August 6, 2005


I have no idea how anyone gets anything done with this software 

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Tue - June 14, 2005

Fun, free music software toys 

Check out Ixi Software for some cool stuff 

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Arturia customer support 

the follow up to my notice about Arturia screwing over their own customers 

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Fri - June 10, 2005

Beware Arturia's fake sale 

If you are tempted to take Arturia's direct offer for their Vintage Collection, do the math first 

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Mon - April 11, 2005

Reaktor 5 

NI Announces Reaktor 5 at Music Messe and I'm tickled 

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ProTools gets one step closer to Software-only 

First there was ProTools Free and then ProTools LE and now there is ProTools for M-Audio interface owners. 

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Fri - February 25, 2005

New, free AU instrument 


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Wed - February 16, 2005

Finally something for the bassists 

Bass is commonly recorded direct, finally someone is doing software amp modeling for bass 

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Wed - January 26, 2005

Ableton annoys 

Ableton is doing something lame with their new Operator softsynth 

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Tue - December 21, 2004

More free VSTs! 

Expert Sleepers are worth a visit for anyone looking for good free VSTs 

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Thu - December 9, 2004

Native Instruments takes on the Microsoft renewal model 

Native instruments announced their new upgrade model for owners of the Komplete bundle recently. 

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